sábado, 6 de fevereiro de 2010

Dez frases não dão um contexto


“Mistakes will always be made but it’s how you handle those mistakes which affects the credibility of the institution. Pachauri should have put his hand up and said ‘we made a mistake’. It’s in these situations that your character and judgment is tested. Do you make the right judgment call? He clearly didn’t.” 

“The IPCC needs to regain credibility. Is that going to happen with Pachauri? I don’t think so. We need someone held in high regard who has extremely good judgment and is seen by the global public as someone on their side.

If we get a new person in with an open mind, prepared to fundamentally review how the IPCC works, we would regain confidence in the organisation.” 

Não traduzo, porque já tinha traduzido parte aqui.

Acontece que o Greenpeace acha que estas dez frases, em três parágrafos, foram tiradas do seu contexto, e que na realidade significam que o Sr. John Sauven, director do Greenpeace UK, quer que Pachauri continue como director do IPCC.

Branco é preto. Preto é branco. Frio é quente. Mil e-mails não dão um contexto. Dez frases também não.

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